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THE LIGHTS OF BROADWAY SHOW CARDS™ celebrate Broadway theatre. The stories and the storytellers, the art and the artisans, those who make it all possible and the community embracing it. Shows, actors, directors, writers, designers, and all else in the spotlight or behind the scenes who keep the theatrical world spinning.

Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016! We're back with a brand new design and a lot of great subjects! As in the Spring 2016 edition , we have 120 unique cards as the core ensemble of this run, forty of which are already more rare than the other eighty (although the rare cards are a bit less rare this time around). We've continued in some popular collaborations and introduce some new sub-series. And we have a number of fun super rare cards to be found. We hope you love the Autumn 2016 edition:

In the rare category, we continue our celebration of designers and the music department. We also once again celebrate the kids of Broadway, and we felt that our amazing Lightcatchers needed their own card as well.

Part of our goals at The Lights of Broadway is celebrating that which has come before. We love hearing about people of all ages learning about some of the legends and pioneers of Broadway, and so we introduce our Golden Age subseries, honoring folks whose Broadway careers was primarily in or before the 1960s.

We hope you enjoy our Ensemblist feature. We look forward to continuing to celebrate the backbone of Broadway! And since our collaboration with If It Only Even Runs a Minute proved popular, we doubled the number of underappreciated musicals in this edition:

Another ten re-issues from the Special Summer 2015 Preview Edition:

Ah! The super rares! First off, you all know about our Giving Back program, right? We're so happy to have four wonderful folks lending us a hand this autumn! We introduce an occasional subset to celebrate Broadway's animal pals. There are more Theatre District locales to point out: A card featuring the honor of renamed streets AND one featuring Times Square embossed in foil. Josh Groban makes his Broadway debut in late autumn, so he's not a mainstream card yet, but we couldn't help welcoming him with a few cards scattered in the packs (more of which will possibly be available in the future). And once again Squigs doodled on some blank cards. A little scribbly one-of-a-kind art tossed into the world.

We put only six sketch cards into the packs last edition. This time there are 20 out there:

Thank you so much for joining us and taking part in this adventure. We're so happy to watch the collecting community growing and celebrating with us as we shine a light on Broadway!

©2016 Dramatic Forces, LLC • All illustration and design ©2016 Justin "Squigs" Robertson