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THE LIGHTS OF BROADWAY SHOW CARDS™ celebrate Broadway theatre. The stories and the storytellers, the art and the artisans, those who make it all possible and the community embracing it. Shows, actors, directors, writers, designers, and all else in the spotlight or behind the scenes who keep the theatrical world spinning.



Hello Lightcatchers! We got so many wonderful entries for this contest! So many of you put so much time and heart and soul into this and we've so enjoyed perusing them all! Thank you for your creativity!

Our judges were the Lights of Broadway staff (Dori, Hunter, Squigs) and Beetlejuice's Adam Maitland himself, Rob McClure! And we've come to a consensus. Drumroll, please!...


  • First Prize: Ride the Cash by Aaron Wiessing

  • Second Prize: (tie) The Stonewallers by Julia Gewirtz & Sara Chumsky AND
    The Whale by Javierring Chicharro

  • Third Prize: Blank: The Musical by Nick Quintana


  • First Prize: Cabaret by Emma Lunsford

  • Second Prize: Steel Magnolias by Zak West

  • Third Prize: The Secret Garden by Brian Ziemann


  • First Prize: Fast Forward by Paul Aguirre

  • Second Prize: The Whale by Javierring Chicharro

  • Third Prize: The Stonewallers by Julia Gewirtz & Sara Chumsky


  • First Prize: Frederick Douglass: The Musical Jake Ryan Flynn & Kam Dunn

  • Second Prize: Into the Woods Owen Carter

  • Third Prize: Steel Magnolias Zak West


  • First Prize: Ride the Cash Aaron Wiessing

  • Second Prize: I'm Not (Just) Your Fairy Godmother Isabella Astuto

  • Third Prize: The Rose and Fall of a Stage Mother: A Sequel to Gypsy Meredith Hoddeson

We'll be showing off the entries above on the Lights of Broadway Instagram over the next week. Then once all have been rolled out there, we'll post them on the Play! page on our website. Congratulations to you all for making some fabulous things!

This page is all about the Lightcatchers community and our games, activities, and interactions. Current happenings and archived fun as well. Here’s our latest:


From very early on in their presence in the Broadway podcast world, Broadwaysted has featured our cards in games they play with their guests (including LOB's Squigs). We're #fansoftheshow! They've provided us with some game rules that we can pass on to you. If you've got a stack of loose cards, you can grab some fellow Lightcatchers and play! (Clearly, the strong beverages aren’t necessary to play – and certainly not advisable for the underaged – so grab whatever your favorite hydration is and enjoy!) Some games:


Just like the popular iPhone app Heads Up! Gather a group of Broadway fans.

Acquire a large number of Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ to create a deck.


  • Put one minute on the clock.

  • One person gets the deck of Show Cards, takes one card, and without looking at it places the card on their forehead.

  • The rest of the group gives clues to get that person to guess which card they’ve pulled.

  • They try to guess as many cards as possible in the one minute.

  • The deck gets passed to the left. And on around the group until everyone has taken a turn.

  • The player who guesses the most cards in their turn wins the round!


If you have a large enough group, you can have teams of at least three players each. Each team gets their own stack of cards and one player of each time will have a minute to guess as many cards as they can (either at the same time, or take turns). The team with the total amount of correctly guessed cards wins.

Only have one friend over? No problem! Simply pass the showcard deck back and forth each time you correctly guess a card. Set a timer for two minutes and try to beat your own score. Everyone’s a winner!

Have the players sit in a circle and set a timer for one minute. One person starts with the Show Card deck and everyone else gives clues. When that person guesses one card correctly they pass to the next person in the circle and so on. Play until the timer runs out. If the deck is in your hand when the timer runs out, you are eliminated. Play until one person is the winner.


Best for 4+ players.

Acquire a large number of Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ to create a deck.


  • Youngest player goes first. Oldest player shuffles the deck.

  • Set timer for two minutes.

  • First player takes the deck and draws the top card, being careful not to show the front (or back) to the other players.

  • Player uses only one word to get the other players to guess which card they drew.

  • If guessing players cannot guess with just the one word, hint-giving player can hum a tune as an added clue.

  • The player that guesses correctly takes the card and the deck is passed to the right.

  • After the two minute timer goes off, each player counts the number of cards they received for guessing correctly.

  • Most cards wins!

Here are some fun things we’ve done in the past:


In January of 2017 we challenged our Lightcatchers to make stuff.
"The opposite of war isn't peace. It's creation!" – Jonathan Larson, Rent.
The creativity could fit in three categories:

  • Coloring pages featuring current and recent Broadway shows.

  • Creating original art (pictures, words, songs, etc.) inspired by shows in the coloring pages.

  • Creating original art (pictures, words, songs, etc.) inspired by the trading cards and/or collector community.

We had so many great entries! Coloring! Painting! Poetry! Music! Videos! Art on fingernails and shoes! Graphic design! And much much more! Such a cavalcade of creativity! So encouraging. When we announced the "contest" we mentioned that the prizes would be announced after the deadline. Well, the surprise is that we all win when we put good stuff out in the world. The entries have been compiled here (videos) and in a free downloadable PDF file in the shop.

Thank you to all who made stuff! You make the world a better place. Let's continue to do so. We need it now more than ever.  (And if by chance we missed your entry, let us know and we'll get it fixed.) Yay Broadway! Yay art!

Created by Lightcatcher Leandra Rayford, this montage features photos of many of the collector community and Broadway celebs at stage doors. A celebration of the relationships built around these little cards.

Interviews with Lightcatchers Justin Nastro, Marc Bonanni, and Jill Chenevert about all things Lights of Broadway. Video conceived, shot, and edited by Lightcatcher David Devoe.

The following took place in Midsummer 2016 and is no longer in play, but it offers a glimpse at some of the fun:

Your completed Dream Hunt entry should be six (6) trivia answers and ten (10) images. E-mail your complete entry to us at Prizes will be awarded based on when they get to us (as noted by the GMail time stamp).  Note: The aforementioned "Most Creative Image" part of the competition will be treated as a separate contest, your entry due by 8pm EDT this evening (Sunday, July 31, 2016). See far below for specifics.

But to kick us off, watch this video and answer the six questions asked therein:

Now here are the ten images you must find online: