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THE LIGHTS OF BROADWAY SHOW CARDS™ celebrate Broadway theatre. The stories and the storytellers, the art and the artisans, those who make it all possible and the community embracing it. Shows, actors, directors, writers, designers, and all else in the spotlight or behind the scenes who keep the theatrical world spinning.

Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 edition is bigger in scope and variety than editions of the past. We have 120 unique cards as the core ensemble of this run, forty of which are already more rare than the other eighty. We've joined with fellow Broadway celebrators and otherwise found ways to shine a light on more of the folks who make Broadway tick. Add to all of this a selection of super rare cards sprinkled in the packs, and you've got quite an adventure in collecting AND celebrating Broadway! Here goes:


And now we have some cards that are a bit more rare. Some of these include a collaboration with The Ensemblist podcast celebrating the talented folks of the ensemble (peer-voted Ensemblist awards going to four worthy people and honored now with cards) and If It Only Even Runs a Minute, a live show honoring the under-appreciated musical. Our hat is tipped to luminaries in the music department and to legendary designers. We begin our "Kids of Broadway" series highlighting what is required of young actors on Broadway.  Also, fifteen cards from the Summer 2015 edition have been reissued and are listed here.  And finally, due to popular demand among our Lightcatchers, Squigs has his own card which he graciously created under duress.

Reissues from our Summer 2015 edition ("2nd Printing" insignia on back):

Finally, our über rarities!
• GIVING BACK: As outlined on our Giving Back page, four Broadway luminaries have signed limited edition cards in honor of various wonderful causes. Fifty of each of these cards (200 total. Yay math!) have been sorted into packs and await collectors far and wide.
• TONYS: We have 100 foil-enhanced Tony Award cards out there heralding the date of the 69th annual Tony Award ceremonies.
• GOLDEN WICKET: We hereby announce our Golden Wicket program – Willy Wonka meets How to Succeed! – you may find one of 50 cards in packs that feature a code. E-mail us with that code and you get your choice of two prizes (another pack of cards, a rare card, a discount at a website or a Theatre District establishment).
• SKETCHINESS: AND somewhere. Somewhere out there in these thousands of packs are six – ONLY SIX – cards featuring original rough and squiggly sketches by Squigs' own hand. They're not super pretty, but they might just be the diamond in the rough you seek.  Rock on, Lightcatchers!

A lot of thought and heart has gone into the creation of this edition, and we so hope you all will enjoy joining us on the adventure. Keep collecting and enjoying and suggesting and celebrating! Thank you Lightcatchers! Yay Broadway!

©2016 Dramatic Forces, LLC • All illustration and design ©2016 Justin "Squigs" Robertson